Thursday, 27 November 2014

Jay Guan-Jie Peng Design the Creativity Training System Book Cover and Pack

Jay Guan-Jie Peng is a graphic designer based in Taipei, Taiwan. After the graduation from RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia), he starts to work as a freelancer and also keeps working on self-initiated projects. Some of his projects have been published in international design publications such as Asia Pacific Design annual a.k.a. APD (China), Asian Creatives (Japan), Apportfolio Asia (Hong Kong), NEW GRAPHICS magazine (China), Imprint 2 (China), etc. He is available for commissions and collaborations, welcome to contact for inquiry. Contact by E-Mail or you can also find Jay on social media: Facebook | Behance | Instagram | Linkedin

Creativity Training System was a series of teaching materials developed by the team led by David Yang. After several discussions, we decided to apply 3 different human cell illustrations as key art of the books. The enterprise version (EC Version) is muscle cell, which represents union. The personal version (PA Version) is taste bud cell, which means perception. And the kids version (K12 Version) is intestinal villi cell, which stands absorption. We tried to make it different from traditional teaching materials design through this solution.

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